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TS2015M Tri-Star™ Mobile Surgical Lamps
TS2015M Tri-Star™ Mobile Surgical Lamps

TS2015W Tri-Star™ Wall Mount
TS2015W Tri-Star™ Wall Mount
The Sunnex Tri-Star™ offers the best value in the market for examination light and minor surgical light needs. Bright and cool light can be easily directed where needed, and the caster base allows for easy portability among examination rooms. The wall mount surgical lamps offer a flexible 30" extension arm.

Features Include:

  • Durable, economical surgical/medical light
  • Over 4,000 foot candles of light intensity
  • 3,000 Kelvin color temperature
  • Flexible arm for easy positioning
  • 30" extension arm, provides 60" reach
  • Mobile up right stand, reaches over 5 feet via one hand control
  • Available in mobile or wall mount surgical lamps
  • 115V or 230V versions available